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Brecon Jazz Festival and Jazz Club are delighted to be working with our friends at North Wales Jazz and the team at Theatr Brycheiniog Brecon in promoting this very special concert at BJF2019. Further details on the Brecon Jazz Festival website -




Dydd Sul 11 Awst / Sunday 11 August





Known globally as the ‘first family’ in gypsy jazz, the Rosenbergs are in constant demand at festivals and concert halls the world over. Representing the “essence of gypsy jazz”, the members of the Rosenberg Quintette have played for over twenty-five years, with all the great musicians and at many of the major Festivals and international venues – including for a magical New York celebration at Carnegie Hall of the legendary violinist Stephane Grapelli for his 85th birthday.


Stochelo Rosenberg is considered as one of the finest guitarists of the genre, with his impeccable technique, great elegance and very personal vibrato, combining virtuosity and emotion. Born in Helmond, Netherlands in 1968, Stochelo is the lead guitarist, with his brother Mozes, of the Rosenberg Quintette. Their musical hero is of course Django Reinhardt, though they do not hesitate to play jazz standards and popular numbers as well – all in the ‘manouche’ style started by Django.
 Stochelo plays on a Selmer guitar, a typical guitar for gypsy jazz. The serial number of his guitar is 504. Django Reinhardt played the same model of guitar with serial number 503.


Christiaan van Hemert is one of the premier violinists on the gypsy jazz scene. Like his fellows in the Quintette, Christiaan is an expert in the so-called ‘Dutch Style’ of gypsy jazz. He has played with countless worldwide names, leading names including Joscho Stefan, Fapy Lafertin, Tchavolo Schmitt, Roby Lakatos, Gary Potter, Remi Harris and many others. He often performs as a guest with the Rosenbergs. He has also played with many of the His is also well-known as a music educator, teaching at the Rotterdam University of the Arts as well as online, with Stochelo, at the Rosenberg Academy.


Mozes Rosenberg is an incredible acoustic musicians playing on the international scene today. A sensitive, all-round player, he learned to play guitar from his father Mimer and from childhood, hearing nimble vibratos, lashing chords, fast runs and melancholic melodies between the caravans. Father, grandfathers, cousins ​​and brothers; everyone plays at the camp. At 13, he joined Paco de Lucia. The many birthdays and festivals are celebrated with Gipsy Jazz, where new musicians sit and play under the stars. In this way musicians are born and raised. Not only from his father’s side is the music in the blood of Mozes, but also on his mother’s side as well: Metz Grünholz is a sister of Waso Grünholz. A virtuoso guitarist, who inspires much young talent. If French Sinti hear the guitar playing of guitarists Nuenen, then they say “Aah Waso”. The older brother of Mozes, Stochelo Rosenberg, is also a great teacher for him.


Chris Quinn is an acclaimed UK guitarist well versed in many styles of acoustic music but has today perhaps become best-known in the jazz scene as an accompanist to many of the world’s leading gypsy jazz soloists. He regularly works with musicians such as Robin Nolan, Paulus Schäfer, Stochelo Rosenberg and Mozes Rosenberg and has spent the last decade touring throughout Europe, the USA and Asia, performing at some of jazz and world music’s most notable stages.


Arnoud van den Berg fell in love with the bass in his early years and later became familiar with the music of Django Reinhardt. In 2007, he became a member of the acclaimed Robin Nolan Trio, a trio in which according to Arnoud all the important things in music come together: creativity and sensibility, groove and swing, trust and inspiration. He later played with one of the most gifted instrumentalists ever, Jimmy Rosenberg. After this, he played with Jimmy’s younger brother Nomy Rosenberg. So the gypsy spirit kept on going.

With an established name as the cream of the genre, and admired by fans of all countries and by guitarists in all musical genres, we look forward to a thrilling welcome for the ROSENBERG QUINTETTE at Brecon Jazz Festival 2019.